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Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon MX R Mountain Bike

Purchase - $2949.00

We can't think of a better name than Chameleon for this ultra-versatile Santa Cruz hardtail. From multi-day trips to dirt jumps, or long rides through old-growth forests, the Chameleon is the bike we choose when we want the efficiency of a hardtail and the capability of a modern trail bike. It's been a staple in the Santa Cruz lineup for two decades, and here we are now with the 8th generation bike that's more refined than ever. It's available with either 29-inch wheels or mixed-wheel setup, with this version being the mixed version with a 29-inch front wheel and 27. 5-inch rear. It's kitted out with Santa Cruz's base-level build kit that gets the job done without draining our whole season's riding budget. The 8th gen Chameleon is much slacker than its predecessor, coming with a 65-degree head tube and a low-slung top tube that lets us carry speed with confidence, paired with short chainstays to maintain the agility we've always enjoyed from the Chameleon. The bike can be setup geared or single-speed like past models, but the dropout system has been greatly simplified and is more user-friendly than ever. It's also poised to be a great steed for bikepacking, as it comes with a triple-bolt bottle mount on the downtube for a wide range of cargo-carrying options. And as always, buying a Santa Cruz means you get their industry-leading lifetime warranty, letting us enjoy our Chameleons for years to come knowing Santa Cruz has our backs.