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Santa Cruz Bicycles Bullit Carbon CC MX R e-Bike

Purchase - $9049.00

Electric mountain bikes hold many benefits (one favorite being the uphill boost) and the Bullit Carbon CC MX R e-Bike is no exception to the array of gains available to mtb riders. This bike gives a nod to the power and rooty, rocky prowess of Santa Cruz's Nomad and Megatower, but it is a bike of its own regard with the ability to tackle what lies beyond the steepest and deepest trails. The Bullit takes an approach where we have no limits to the amount of exploration and challenges in our wildest imaginations. With this bike, we can leave the chairlifts and shuttle roads behind to delve deeper into V10 level terrain territory. And, with a powerful boost, we are able to conquer the gnarliest climbs to revel in the victory of our descents. Santa Cruz's Heckler's priority lies in agility and playfulness in handling, but the Bullit takes a different approach. The brand describes the ability of this bike as "smashability" due to 170mm of travel, a 38mm fork, and DoubleDown tires that grip terrain and provide the traction we need to keep moving through technical terrain. It was Santa Cruz's mixed wheel DH race bikes that made them consider the build for the Bullit in the first place, and that's part of why we're seeing mixed wheels on this bike. The 27. 5in rear wheel provides the maneuverability we rely on while the 29er up front ensures we can maintain confidence at top speeds. Plus, the combination inspires agility and smooth handling that's anything but squirrely. In terms of the Bullit's motor, the STEPS EP8, we're seeing a lighter, more compact, and efficient way of reaching bigger trails and rambunctious runs. More power (85Nm to be exact) is tuned in to offer what we need without affecting range. Shimano's biggest 630Wh battery means we will never go without, and especially when we're faced with arduous endeavors uphill and rocketing descents.