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Santa Cruz Bicycles Megatower Carbon XT Air Mountain Bike

Purchase - $6849.00

If you live for speed and have a tendency to seek out the rowdiest descents you can find, a long travel 29er is the bike to have. With the way geometry and suspension have evolved over the past couple of years, these machines have have become unstoppable enduro weapons that are still comfortable and efficient enough to pedal all day on big rides. For quite some time the Hightower LT was Santa Cruz's most aggressive offering--a fantastic and versatile bike that excels on any terrain. But considering that it's essentially a beefed-up Hightower, the geometry wasn't exactly on par with the direction other heavy-hitting 29ers were going. Enter the Megatower, a bike that's built solely for going fast on steep and rugged terrain, providing the most aggressive riders with a brawler of a big wheel bike. This version of the Megatower frame comes with a Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate Air shock for a lively ride with a high degree of tunability, as well as Shimano's tried-and-true XT 12-speed drivetrain that'll get you up and down any mountain with stellar shifting performance. We carry a bunch of great mountain bikes from various brands and pretty much all of them have a heavy-hitting 29er in their arsenal, and for good reason. Big wheels simply carry more speed in almost every riding situation and with modern geometry, these bikes are free to exploit their high-speed stability through the gnar, while remaining agile and nimble, comfortable in the air, and still climbing with authority. If that sounds like a good recipe for an enduro race bike, you'd be exactly right and that's exactly where the Megatower positions itself. With some of the longest reach numbers, steepest seat tube angles, and longest wheelbases we've seen come out of the firm's headquarters, this is one progressive 29er that likes to get rowdy. The Megatower started life as an enduro weapon built from the ground up and represents a two-year project to address the needs of the modern enduro racer and big hi...