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Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival1 Gravel Bike

Purchase - $3425.00

No matter if it's a tour through Capitol Reef or a ride on the gravel paths in the Uinta Mountains, the Kanzo Adventure Rival1 Gravel Bike can handle it. This bike thrives off the pavement and is designed for both efficiency and comfort. A gravel-specific Kanzo Optimized Geometry keeps us comfortable whether it's a day-long or multi-day journey, and a wider 53mm of tire clearance gives us the freedom to explore everything from sandy stretches to slick rock trails. We feel these key details come to fruition with the amount of confidence provided tackling everything from double track to overgrown fire roads and crunchy gravel. We're not sweating when it comes to weighing down our bike with panniers, racks, and bike bags thanks to the many additional frame lugs and carbon fiber frame. It features the right amount of stiffness and compliance for smooth rolling across a variety of surfaces, and the weight from our gear still doesn't get in the way of speedy ascents up thousands of feet of elevation gain. With the geometry, a slacker head tube angle, lower bottom bracket, longer wheelbase, and steeper seat tube angle makes this bike similar to that of a mountain bike, but the Kanzo is kept responsive with the use of a shorter stem. This gives us the ability to shred unexpected shortcuts while still enabling responsive steering and superb handling on aggressive sections of trail. Ridley uses the F-steerer technology for the Kanzo Adventure to hide all cables in the frame, making for a clean aesthetic and sleek aerodynamics. This also makes it easier to attach bags to the frame and prevent possible damage to the bike. We like that there's also the possibility to add a hub dynamo and suspension fork, making the Kanzo Adventure the versatile steed that's ready for anything (including the stuff we wouldn't dare do without our mountain bike). All of this plus the Kanzo Adventure's SRAM Rival 1 drivetrain makes for smooth and effortless shifting that's intuitive and quick....