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Ridley Kanzo Fast GRX 800 1x Gravel Bike

Purchase - $4500.00

Aero design meets gravel standards with the all-new Kanzo Fast GRX 800 1x Gravel Bike. The Kanzo Fast munches through gravel and longs for speeding through mixed terrain all day. The bike comes standard with 42mm of tire clearance to shed off chunky gravel and keep us floating above technical terrain. Integrated bar and stem also make for a speedy design while the aero wheels cut through the wind on our rides. Full hydraulic brakes complement the build and are a stark contrast to squeezing our cantilevers as tight as possible on the descents. Gravel being an emerging trend has got bike manufacturers thinking hard about geometry and how a bike rides. Ridley makes no exception to that rule, speccing the bike with modern gravel numbers all while keeping an aero frame design. Gravel racing nowadays is more competitive than ever, and an aero advantage pays dividends after 10 hours in the saddle. The Kanzo comes equipped with a 71. 5-degree head tube angle in a size medium which gives us a plenty aggressive bike that asks us to get in the drops and put the power down. Shortened chainstays and a slightly higher bottom bracket are mainstay features for any gravel bike and the Kanzo Fast checks the list in both. Shimano GRX runs through the new Kanzo Fast in the drivetrain and braking departments. The GRX800 series drivetrain is made from premium alloy materials and also cuts grams when able, so climbing up that steep singletrack won't hurt quite as bad as usual. GRX is built with many of the mountain bike groupsets technology in effect, including a clutch derailleur and narrow-wide chainring. The XT cassette in the rear helps give us even more range, offering a 42t in the back to make it up even the steepest fire road climbs. Intergration is aero and the Kanzo Fast doesn't skimp where saving watts and speed counts the most. The bike features an integrated handlebar as well as internal cable routing to keep parts and pieces out of the wind. The frame is specifically de...