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Ridley X-Night SL Disc Ultegra Cyclocross Bike

Purchase - $3224.95

If you're a dye in the wool 'cross fanatic, you'll be pleased we offer a bike so singularly focused as the X-Night SL Disc Ultegra Complete Cyclocross Bike from Ridley. It possesses both the build kit and geometry for tackling sand, mud, and off camber turns you'll encounter during an hour of pain between the tape during the fall and winter 'cross season. And if cyclocross is your discipline of choice, you'll want to ride it year round, slapping on slicks for training on the road or tossing on some 36mm tires at hit up some gravel in the spring and summer. No brand knows 'cross like Ridley and it has tons of experience on the race course building a frameset that's nimble and predictable even when you're in the red. This build gets Shimano's durable and reliable mechanical Ultegra drivetrain with powerful hydraulic brakes to tackle those epic cross conditions, season after season. The Marlux-Bingoal Professional Cyclocross team counts on this frameset as they campaign the demanding courses across the low countries of Europe during the fall and winter, proving what the glance at the geo sheet will imply: this bike is built to tackle technical courses. The classic European cyclocross geometry gives the X-Night SL a fast, nimble, and aggressive ride while the massive clearance gives muddy tires room to spin and prevents detritus from building up on the chainstay and bottom bracket area. Ridley constructs the X-Night SL from a mix of 40t, 30t, and 24t high-modulus carbon fiber helping to dampen rough courses and reduce vibration induced fatigue, while still plenty stiff to transmit every lactic-acid induced effort into propelling you forward. It'll leave you with plenty of matches in your book to launch race winning blitzes or respond to a foe's attack. The internal cable routing creates a clean and streamlined look while getting the housing out of the way while lifting the bike up and over the barriers, or while trying to find a foothold on a steep and tricky run-...