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Pivot Firebird Pro XT/XTR X2 Carbon Wheel Mountain Bike

Purchase - $9349.00

When we're lined up at the starting gate on the hunt for a podium finish, we can't think of a better rig than the Pivot Firebird to help us earn the victory we crave. This long-travel enduro brawler is built to get us down the mountain as quickly as possible thanks to careful engineering from Pivot, and it has a penchant for seeking out the gnarliest lines we can find. This particular Firebird is equipped with a race-ready build kit with XT and XTR componentry, and is graced by the addition of top-level carbon hoops from Reynolds. Equipped with 165mm of rear travel, a 170mm FOX 38, and a slack 64-degree head tube, it's pretty clear the Firebird's intentions are to get down the mountain as fast as possible. The DW-Link rear suspension uses a longer link that's inspired by Pivot's Phoenix downhill bike, maximizing the Firebird's rearward axle path to make quick work of square-edged bumps and softening the blow of repeated chunky hits. Greater control means greater speed, and it's certainly noticeable aboard the Firebird. Balancing the suspension with materials that can handle the terrain, the Firebird is crafted from a painstakingly precise mix of composite fibers and resin, then meticulously laid to create a frame that finds the happy medium of strength, stiffness, and weight. The chassis itself benefits from Pivot's hollow-core internal molding process for uniform, controlled wall thicknesses, and material distribution. This process virtually eliminates inconsistencies and resin pooling, increasing structural integrity while targeting areas for weight loss. In addition to hollow-core molding, Pivot implements size-specific design and ride tuning on their frames. In essence, the carbon lay-up, tube thicknesses, and tube shapes vary a bit between sizes in order to maintain a consistent ride quality across all frame sizes. Simply put, it's the best way to make a strong and lightweight carbon frame with an excellent ride feel. *Due to unprecedented demand in the g...