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Pivot Trail 429 Team XX1 AXS Carbon Wheel Mountain Bike

Purchase - $11199.00

The industry has a tendency to label bikes as "quiver killers" and "jack of all trades," and we've been guilty of falling into this camp as bikes have grown slacker, longer, and lower for descending confidence and high-speed composure, but without penalizing much in terms of pedaling and climbing efficiency, due to steeper seat tube angles, lightweight and stiff carbon frames, and 29-inch wheels carrying momentum up climbs and steamrolling imposing boulders standing in your way. We'll try to avoid using these terms when describing the Trail 429 by Pivot, even though it certainly punches well above its weight, in terms of providing far more capability on the trail than most riders will ever use, save for more advanced riders putting this bike through its paces in tech meccas like Moab's legendary slickrock, BC's famed North Shore bridges, or even Pisgah's root and rock-infested singletrack. Perhaps the most natural place to start when diving into the new Trail is with its completely reshaped frame that gives the bike its progressive geometry. Unlike the smooth swooping top and down tubes we saw on the Mach 429 Trail, the Trail 429 is a bit more direct, with a more angular approach that brings the bike into the cutting edge with clean lines, a slacker head tube to instill confidence and composure on steep lines packed with chunky granite, and a steep seat tube that keeps you dialed in the cockpit when you push your way up punchy switchbacks laced with root lattices. The new Trail 429 carries on with the pivotal DW-link suspension design that you've seen on the 429 Trails of the past, keeping your traction locked in, and squat at a minimum. The Trail's DW-Link suspension owes its capabilities to a handful of cues taken from the Switchblade, teasing a virtual depth out of the 120mm travel to conquer lines that you'd previously only charge down on a proper 6-inch trail sled. Balancing the build with materials that can handle the terrain, the Trail 429 is crafted fr...