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Pivot eVault GRX Carbon Wheel e-Bike

Purchase - $9999.00

Pivot was an early producer of high-end e-bikes back when skepticism was rampant and most people hadn't had the chance to ride one yet. We understand the appeal now though. Adding a little boost to your pedal stroke makes for a seriously fun ride, and you can cover more mileage in significantly less time. That's why we're proud to offer the all-new Pivot e-Vault all-road bike. It's got the same geometry that continually drives the original Vault to gravel glory and beyond, but with a discreet internal motor and battery system that provides a welcome boost of power when our tired legs still have miles left to go. We wouldn't classify the e-Vault in the same category as your typical heavy, clunky e-bike. In fact, the e-Vault has a lightweight feel with spritely handling and clean aesthetics that resemble our favorite high-end road bikes. The pedal assistance doesn't feel like a throttle at all, but rather a smooth power curve that feels like a generous tailwind propelling you forward at speeds up to 28mph. And by buying a Pivot, you know you're getting the best when it comes to the overall quality and craftsmanship. No expenses spared. A top-of-the-line e-Road bike that's ideal for long commutes, sporty road rides, and unbounded dirt road exploration.