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Pivot Mach 6 Pro X01 Eagle Live Valve Mountain Bike

Purchase - $10699.00

27. 5in wheels definitely aren't dead. In fact, there's a large subset of riders that couldn't care less about the marginal speed benefits of 29in wheels, because all they need is a burly bike that can send the biggest lines on the mountain and pedal back up to the top without much fuss. Oh, and there's the fact that the smaller-diameter 27. 5 wheels are inherently stronger than 29ers, not to mention their proclivity for slashing berms at the bike park and tackling untamed backcountry lines that require millisecond response times. But what's all this got to do with Pivot's new Mach 6' Well, Pivot hasn't given up on 27. 5. Which is why we're lucky enough to offer this beautiful all-rounder featuring the latest-and-greatest technology from Pivot, including fully-modern geometry, perfectly-dialed DW-Link suspension, and hand-picked components that offer the best possible performance at each different price level. This particular model is outfitted with just about the best components money can buy, including Fox's Live Valve electronic suspension, but more on that later. Pivot carbon frames have perhaps the lowest warranty rate in the industry, at less than 2%. The strength of their frames is attributable in part to the high-modulus carbon they use for all frames, but also to their proprietary hollow core internal molding process that yields consistent, high compaction with extremely tight tolerances throughout the entire frame structure. The resulting carbon frames are correct and precise right out of the mold, with no need for touch-up work to fill voids or imperfections. The rear triangle allows clearance for 2. 6in tires, a nice benefit for riders that like the extra grip and compliance of high-volume trail tires. This build seamlessly integrates Fox Live Valve suspension. Electronic suspension has been around for years in automotive racing, but it's a pretty foreign concept in mountain biking. In order to quiet the skeptics, Fox spent three years developing an...