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Pivot Switchblade 29 Pro X01 Eagle Live Valve Mountain Bike

Purchase - $10399.00

When this years enduro race season is getting heated up we need The Switchblade 29 Pro X01 Eagle Live Valve Mountain Bike to help us to the top step of the podium. This fully capable enduro-specific machine is built for the descents and gets us down with confidence and control. It's no slouch on the climbs either with the DW-linkage offering a surprisingly efficient pedaling platform while dialing in the bottomless feel. We're taking the Switchblade from podium to podium, whether we're climbing up ourselves or throwing it in the back of a pickup truck. When it comes to angles and number specifics the Pivot Switchblade doesn't skimp on modern numbers we're used to seeing lately. We enjoy the slack 66 head-tube angle paired with big 29er hoops to roll over trail obstacles, and the competition. The shorter 431mm chainstays give the bike a peppy feel as well, and has us sending side features and blindly going off lips unknown. The bike employs the use of DW-link suspension, offering a nearly bottomless feel when we're off the gas and cruising down harsh terrain. The suspension also expertly soaks up pedal bob, so even on an enduro bike, we're rocketing up any kind of terrain. Kit on the Pivot Switchblade is capped off by the impressively designed Fox Live Valve technology. Fox Live Valve will rely on a number of input settings and rider specs to adapt the suspension to the terrain. Live Valve works by working with the terrain, sensing what kind of suspension setting is needed, and changing the specs up faster than we can blink an eye. The drivetrain is provided by SRAM with the X01 Eagle group, this group is specifically designed to last up to the abuse enduro racing finds on the trail. Brakes on the Pivot Switchblade are up the task of stopping this speeding bullet of a bike, with the 4-piston hydraulics clamping down on steel rotors to provide plenty of stopping power. The new frame design on the Pivot Switchblade further drops the grams so we can keep riding f...