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Pinarello Prince Disk Force AXS Road Bike

Purchase - $5800.00

Walking into our garage to pick our bike for a long day of riding is easy when it comes down to it, but that might be because we've got the Prince Disk Force AXS Road Bike in our arsenal. This Pinarello steed is comfortable and fast, and it's versatile enough to help us blast through long sprints or take it up a notch with a few thousand feet of elevation gain. Thanks to the use of Toray T700 UD carbon fiber, the Prince is a solid alternative to the Dogma and the performance that comes with it. Pinarello decked out the Prince with a host of aerodynamic features like an aero headtube and front side, and also the brand's well-known Onda fork, which eliminates empty space between the fork and down tube so the fork and frame can act cohesively. The result is a more balanced ride where the fork compensates for the natural asymmetry of the bike. This is ideal for sprints and long climbs. The Prince is a blend of lightweight, high stiffness, aerodynamics, and asymmetry with a geometry similar to that of the Dogma. The difference is in comfort, handling, and balance. The Prince offers clearance for up to 28c tires which gives us more vibration damping and neutralizes the stiffness of the frame. In addition, powerful disc brakes help increase our confidence when we're beating out our best speed records.