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Niner RLT 9 RDO 5-Star GRX 2x Gravel Bike

Purchase - $5500.00

When the pavement ends, that's when we think the real adventure begins. Whether we're grinding down crunchy gravel roads in the Wasatch or working our way up endless switchbacks in Escalante, we're having fun. As long as we're on our stellar gravel rig, that is. Niner's goal is to enable us in our thirst for adventure, and that's why we're all about their RLT 9 family. With the RLT 9 RDO 5-Star GRX 2x Gravel Bike, Niner married our favorite RLT 9 RDO carbon fiber frame with 5-star Shimano GRX800 2x parts kit to make for a gravel grinder that doubles as our go-to bikepacking machine. Shimano's quality GRX800 gravel-specific drivetrain ensures rugged reliability that's stable and controlled for a smooth ride that inspires confidence. The GRX800 series inspires us to get off that pavement and onto the rough sidetracks that have been calling our name. The RLT 9 RDO is pugnacious enough to tackle our wildest goals. It maintains enough power transfer to kick up the speed a notch, but it still has enough flex to level out choppy terrain. An RDO carbon fiber frame is light and stiff, and it works in tandem with the RDO carbon fiber fork, which is a Niner original and a newer addition to the RLT family. It's a stiff setup that's not