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Juliana Maverick Carbon CC X01 Eagle Mountain Bike

Purchase - $8599.00

With Juliana's launch of the Maverick Carbon CC X01 Eagle Mountain Bike we're equipped with a berm-blasting machine built to conquer rides that push us so far that we're teetering on the line between pleasure and pain. When it comes to shredding the trail, we've never been one to take no for an answer, and certainly don't appreciate people who question our abilities. In fact, we get a hefty degree of pleasure from ripping through technical, rowdy lines, and watching the faces of bystanders change from doubt to awe. We don't hesitate to tackle adverse situations on the trail, and constantly strive to challenge the edges of our comfort zone and push beyond it. We need a bike that can keep up with us, and until now, we just couldn't find one that's tuned to our needs. The Maverick is built to eat up obstacles with its 29-inch wheels and deep, 140mm of VPP suspension. It utilizes Juliana's lower link VPP suspension design that we've seen previously in the Roubion and Strega, which is engineered to minimize big bumps, while keeping things pedal efficient. Unlike the upper-link driven design, we'll experience better support, and higher levels of traction for all-mountain and gravity-oriented disciplines. This model employs a RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate rear shock that is dialed with an immense amount of tune-ability, so we can set things up exactly how we want it, optimizing small bump compliance for traction on the climbs, and eating up bounders and greasy roots on the race back to the bottom. First hand, we found that this lower link suspension excelled in the technical trails that challenged our sanity, gobbling up chatter, rock rolls, and drops that lead into hair-pin blind corners without hesitation. Despite its lofty 29-inch wheels, the Maverick retains a nimble, playful feel that's maneuverable through tight switchbacks, and capable of threading the needle when the trail calls for it. We know we're not alone when we say our riding temperament changes fro...