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Ibis Exie XX1 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike

Purchase - $12799.00

The Ibis Exie XX1 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike goes full-on cross-country machine and trail ripper with the only thing left on the trail being dust and sweat after we come through. The Ibis brings traditional XC speed with an up-to-date geometry for absolute trail ripping. This made in America frame comes in at under 2000g and is outfitted with hyper-efficient DW-link suspension. Ibis employed scientists more suited to working on space shuttles to help design the new Exie, removing material where possible while stiffening up the frame where needed to bring an absolute XC rocket to the racecourse. The Exie comes adorned with modern geometry that helps it be as capable as any trail bike while staying an absolute rocket up the climbs. Riders of the Exie enjoy a longer reach and slacker head-tube angles compared to other cross country bikes in the market. Specced with a 120mm fork, the Exie receives a 67. 2-degree headtube angle and a surprisingly long 1158mm wheelbase in the size medium. Those numbers are bigger than some trail bikes released within in the last 5 years and speak to the Ibis Exie's ability to stay stable in technical situations. Still, with cross-country racing as the focus, the Ibis Exie receives size-specific rear-triangles, ensuring that all sizes of riders are in the optimal pedaling position. The bike comes stock with a steep 73. 8-degree seat-tube angle in a size medium which helps our bodies work through the rigors of cross-country riding. Kitte out and built to match the exact build our dreams are made from the Exie doesn't leave anything to be desired. Mis-matched brakes show that Ibis isn't afraid to go the non-conformity route in search for better performance and lighter weights. The SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS ditches cables in favor of batteries to provide a consistent and lightweight drivetrain. Shimano spec's braking duties with their ultra-light XTR's stopping the front and rear wheels, with a 180mm rotor on the front to provide a bit of extra br...