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Ibis Ripmo AF SLX Air Mountain Bike

Purchase - $4299.00

Park and shuttle days are what we live for when we're throwing a leg over the Ibis Ripmo AF SLX Air Mountain Bike. The aggressive and stable Ripmo shows Ibis's dedication to a long travel 29er with as much capability as any downhill bike out there. We're trashing this bike down long descents all while not being worried about a few rocks pings on the tough alloy frame. Ibis checks all the boxes for an enduro-race-ready machine on this build with its tough and supple DVO suspension along with 4-piston brakes to keep us in control. Geometry on the race-race ready enduro bike is completely tuned in to get us down the mountain as fast as possible, without having us thinking walking up the mountain is faster on the climbs. With its slacked-out 64. 9 and relatively short 435mm chainstays, we're getting a bike that's nimble through the chunder all while rolling over anything we approach. We find the 29in rubber rolls over just about anything, and the Maxxis Assegai tires stick to every kind of surface we encounter. The 77 seat-tube angle keeps us planted in the saddle and comfortable over long transition stages. Ibis impresses us with the kit outfitted on the Ripmo, obviously owning to their history of enduro racing and supporting enduro-focused racers. Suspension with the Ripmo AF is dialed, with ultra-supportive and incredibly adjustable DVO suspension taking care of the front and rear of this bike. A full Shimano SLX drivetrain is thrown on as well and doesn't skimp out with commonly down-specced parts. 4-piston brakes are a welcome and necessary addition too, these brakes clamp down hard on the 180mm rotors provided with the kit to keep us in control all the way down. The Ibis Ripmo AF is an affordable bike in a race-ready package and one that we can't see ourselves needing to modify any time soon. The 35mm internal rims on strong Ibis hoops let us spec our own 2. 6in rubber and rally down the hill with speed and fashion. We might not be replacing the rubber ri...