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Ibis Ripley XX1 Eagle AXS Mountain Bike

Purchase - $11499.00

The Ibis Ripley XX1 AXS Eagle Mountain Bike is a no-holds-barred fun machine that's designed from the ground up to deliver new personal bests up and down the mountain. Built around efficient DW-link suspension and 120mm of travel the bike takes to cross-country racecourses as well as it does to park days. The Ibis Ripley is what we use when we're looking to get out on our longest ride of the year and come home happy and in one piece. Ripley takes no shortcuts with the XX1 AXS build, speccing' the bike of our dream in front of our own eyes with the top of the line shifting, suspension, and wheels. The carbon Ripley frame is strong and cuts grams where possible, giving us no excuses on the next steep hill. Made with fun in focus the Ibis Ripley receives a variety of numbers to healthily bring this versatile bike to the front of the pack, up or down. With a 66. 5-degree head-angle paired with a short 44mm offset fork, the bike is tailored for a balanced feel that excels and both flow and chunk. Ibis also makes sure the bike can handle high-speed descents with ease, as that slack head-angle and long-wheelbase keep us in control and confident while we're ripping down terrain. The XX1 AXS build comes stock with a size-specific dropper to get the saddle quickly out of the way on descents and back up when we need to pedal hard to get through rough or steep terrain. Kit on the Ibis Ripley leaves no stone unturned and nothing to be desired. The SRAM XX1 AXS drivetrain is the lightest and most advanced on the market with its wireless shifting, taking advantage of ceramic bearings in the derailleur and carbon fiber components to keep the gram counter low. Fox suspension outfits the front and rear of the bike, with the DPS shock getting the EVOL treatment to give the rear suspension a more progressive and 'cushy' feel through hairy terrain. Carbon wheels from Ibis are laced to hyper-responsive Industry Nine Hydra hubs and come with a standard 7-year warranty just in case we...