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Gazelle Ultimate T10 Plus e-Bike

Purchase - $4199.00

Sure, the ride to work is nearly all downhill at the start, but we all know that uphill on the way back will be a tough one, and that's why we're riding the Ultimate T10 Plus e-Bike. It's a speedy take on a modern design with nimble handling and exceptional agility, plus it features 80mm of travel for surviving the potholes and bumps along the way. The Suntour Mobie 45 suspension front fork for smooth sailing over choppy surfaces is just the start of the high-grade features hosted on the Ultimate T10 Plus. An integrated Bosch battery not only offers a massive power boost but also offers a sleek aesthetic for a more minimalistic design. That, in combination with the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, makes for a buttery smooth ride where we can effortlessly reach speeds up to 28mph.