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Gazelle Ultimate T10 e-Bike

Purchase - $3999.00

Gazelle is of the opinion that bicycles should be a part of daily life. We agree. But, sometimes we need a little extra kick to get us where we need to go. Gazelle's Ultimate T10 e-Bike is that comfortable and speedy option that will keep you zipping through the streets with ease. Thanks to an exceptional suspension front fork, riders will see more comfort on rough road surfaces. The Ultimate T10 e-Bike features a contemporary design that works in tandem with the integrated motor and battery. An aluminum frame offers stability and puncture-resistant tires to ensure added protective measures. The Ultimate T10 e-Bike features a 500Wh battery for extensive range so you can continue riding long distances with ease. The Bosch Performance Line Speed motor offers powerful assistance for speedy cycling that's seemingly effortless.