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Gazelle Medeo T10 e-Bike

Purchase - $3199.00

What's more Dutch than rolling around town on your e-bike with lunch in your backpack and a trip to the park on your mind' Nothing, that's what. Gazelle inspires chasing that Dutch dream because they've been doing the same thing since 1892. The brand is leading the markets in the Netherlands and they're looking to spread the love. With the Medeo T10 e-Bike, riders can take on everything from their commute to a ride around town. Gazelle outfitted the Medeo T10 e-Bike with a sloping frame and a down tube that integrates with the head tube with the result being an aesthetic ride that's sleek and speedy. Wide tires and stable handling ensure riders will maintain control, and a powerful Bosch Performance Line mid-motor provides outstanding support on every hill. We love that riding feels effortless with the Bosch motor, and that even short rides offer a bit of fun. The low placement of the mid-motor offers nimble maneuvering and handling so riders will never lose confidence.