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Evil Bikes The Offering GX Eagle Mountain Bike

Purchase - $7299.00

With 140mm of DELTA rear travel paired with a 150mm fork, the Evil Offering hits the sweet spot for all-mountain riding. It's more stable on fast, gnarly trails than the shorter travel Offering, yet a lot more fun to ride on flow trails than the hard-hitting Wreckoning. So if you're looking for the Goldilocks bike in Evil's lineup, this is it. Naturally, if you're looking at this frame you might be on the fence between The Offering, its little brother The Following, and its big brother The Wreckoning. If you have an XC background and want a bike that offers a little more speed and confidence than a race bike but still keeps low weight and efficiency in mind, The Following might be your best bet. The Wreckoning is a different kettle of fish and is a full-on trophy truck that prefers plow mode and if you have more of a DH background and feel like you might be able to extract its full potential, go for it. But for most of us, The Offering hits a sweet spot with its all-mountain friendly 65. 6 to a very evil 66. 6-degree headtube angle, depending on fork travel and what setting you have the linkage flip chip in. With Super Boost spacing used on all of its current bikes, Evil is able to hack the length off of the chainstays to sub-17inch numbers to position the rear wheel right up against the seat tube, for a rear-end that's the same length as its 130mm travel 27. 5-inch Calling. Quick line changes and lofting the front wheel up and over obstacles has never been easier. Riding a DELTA link bike like this Offering offers an amazingly light-off-the-top early stroke while transitioning into a supportive mid-stroke that simply creates traction as you claw up and over loose rock ledges and slippery root balls. As you peg the fun meter deeper into its six-plus inches of travel, the kinematics create some ramping to help maintain a bottomless feel and prevents harsh bottom outs so you'll have the confidence to hit that double, huck-to-flat, or stomp that gap you've been ey...