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Diamondback Haanjo 4 Gravel Bike

Purchase - $1600.00

The Diamondback Hnjo 4 Gravel Bike brings a race-worthy drivetrain, disc brake power, and high-quality wheels right to your garage as a versatile addition to your cycling stable. With geometry built for all-day comfort and solid handling on a wide variety of terrain, this bike is right at home hitting the local limestone trail, exploring remote gravel roads, or hopping down the street for a dozen bagels. Its frame and fork are responsive to efforts on the road, and its tires and geometry give full confidence on everything from gravel and grass to fast singletrack or washboard surfaces. Its geometry leans toward the long and comfortable end of the spectrum, which keeps you more upright and doesn't handle like a twitchy racing frame. The bike also incorporates a myriad of small details that recommend it for use beyond just recreation. For example, the top tube of the frame is flattened a bit, which makes the bike easier to shoulder when traversing stairs in the middle of your favorite commute shortcut. It also benefits from the certainty of mechanical disc brakes for extra stopping power when loaded with touring gear. Finally, touches like the full carbon fork, Shimano GRX drivetrain, and HED Tomcat rims mean this bike isn't just made for grinding gravel or getting groceries--it's a bike that can also show up for cycling events or 'cross. *Due to unprecedented demand in the global supply chain and the bike industry over the last 18 months, material weight and exact components are subject to change. We are working diligently to keep tech specs updated, and any adjustments will be minor. If you have any questions, reach out to a Gearhead by chatting online or calling 1-888-276-7130.