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Cervelo P5 Dura Ace Di2 Road Bike

Purchase - $12000.00

If you're an avid cyclist, you know how big of a role aerodynamics plays in your overall performance on the bike, especially when it comes down to losing by just tenths of a second during your time trial or triathlon. Obviously, there is more to winning than just having a super fast bike, but boy does it help. With Cervelo's P5 Dura Ace Di2 Road Bike, the main focus falls on enhancing aerodynamics as much as UCI legally allows.The frame design of the P5 features customized tube shapes to minimize drag, an obstacle that accounts for up to 90% of resistance that affects a rider during their race. The aerodynamic frame design also helps to enhance the stiffness, weight, and overall usability of the bike. The Speed Riser, a fully-customizable aerobar system, provides a single riser post that is not only aerodynamic but also user-friendly to allow for easy adjustments with a single tool.To improve the shifting efficiency of the bike, Cervelo incorporates the Dura Ace Di2 system into the P5 Road Bike. Using this electronic shifting system allows for an extremely smooth, quick, and quiet shift between all gears. The Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9180 shifters make it more than easy to shift gears, providing a quick change when a climb sneaks up on you.