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Cervelo Aspero 5 Force XPLR AXS 1x Gravel Bike

Purchase - $7500.00

With the Aspero 5 Force XPLR AXS 1x Gravel Bike, we're entering gravel events to destroy our times and beat out the rest of the pack. It's a speedster weapon that will take us further, faster, and it's designed to look as fast as it feels. While some argue that aero doesn't matter too much when it comes to gravel, we heartily disagree. When it comes to battling the headwind that's blasting in our ears for 30 miles at the start of the day, we're thanking the Aspero 5 for the thirty-two grams of drag saved. This wind-slicing power comes thanks to a lack of cables floating in the wind and tubes derived from Cervelo's library of aerodynamically proven shaping. We have more to thank Cervelo for than the aerodynamic advantages that come with the Aspero 5, though. As seen on the R5 and Caledonia 5, a vibration-damping carbon seat post is used to reduce chatter while we're grinding grisly gravel. Plus, Cervelo's new flared handlebar increases comfort and purchase when we're tackling trails and choppy surfaces. A comfortable geometry keeps us moving throughout our triple-digit-mile days, and the Aspero 5's light weight leaves us free to put away big days with efficiency and purpose.