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Cervelo Aspero 5 Red eTap AXS 1x LTD Gravel Bike

Purchase - $9000.00

The limited edition of the Cervelo Aspero 5 Red eTap AXS 1x LTD Gravel Bike might just be the last bike we ever buy. Built with premier and performance driven components as well as an aggressive frame, this Cervelo is at home on the washboard midwest gravel as it is high west mountain road climbs. The Aspero comes alive when we're turning ourselves inside out during interval and race efforts. Integrated with downtube and chainstay protectors, we're confidently piloting the bike down any road without a gate. Equipped with carbon hoops, wireless shifting, and carbon bits everywhere, this compliant yet responsive machine leaves no excuses on the table. Geometry on the new Aspero speaks towards the lineage of road racing the brand has made itself famous for. A categorically steep 72 headtube angle and 58. 6mm of trail mean this bike demands we get head-over the bars and dig into the next 25 gradient gravel climb no matter what it takes. On the descents, the twitchy feel of the bike is appreciated for getting us quickly back in line and through to the finish. True to the gravel category, a lower bottom bracket keeps us out of the wind and longer chainstays mean we can run bigger tires to soak up some of the harshness of the road. A racer through and through, the Aspero doesn't give us much to complain about between the tape, or should we say between the start and finish line. We're entering gravel events to get them done as fast as possible, and the Aspero is the first step in that goal. A road-bike like feel gives us reason to leave our R5's hanging up on the wall for months, as the impressively light 1100g(size 56) frame doesn't have any meaningful weight penalty compared to its lighter cousin. Cervelo isn't trying to replace our cross-country mountain bike, but it might just be replacing our cyclocross and road bikes with the new Aspero. A drivetrain powered by SRAM, we're confident taking the Aspero into 10hr gravel epics knowing that the 1x system is as bom...