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Benno Bikes Boost Performance e-Bike

Purchase - $4499.00

If you really enjoy commuting to work by bike but you're sick of that one tough uphill section that ends with sweat dripping down your face, then we have a solution for you. With the Boost Performance e-Bike, you are still able to use two wheels to get where you need to go, but with a little bit of added assistance, a faster commute time, and most importantly: much less sweat. With a maximum speed of 20mph, this e-Bike allows you to float up hills, making your ride down the trail faster and much more enjoyable.The Boost Performance e-Bike features a unique Etility Design that carries more than 3x the load of a regular bike when compatible accessories are attached. Easily transform your basic commuter e-Bike to an e-Bike with the ability to hold small children, camping gear, groceries, random oversized items, and even your surfboard with Benno's rack and rail system compatible accessories (sold separately).Using the integrated Bosch Performance Line Sport Gen 3 motor, the Boost Performance e-Bike has enough battery to take you up to 85 miles between charges. The mid-drive motor is controlled by the Bosch Purion On-Board Computer which features five different riding modes: Eco mode, Tour, Tour+, Sport/eMTB, and Turbo. With so many options, finding the perfect style of riding for you is simple, and is also easy to switch modes mid-ride to adapt to any situation.