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Bianchi Aria Ultegra e-bike

Purchase - $6500.00

The world's oldest bicycle manufacturing company is still around, and it's changing with the times to include innovative electronic rides that aid the rider as needed, instead of controlling the whole ride. Bianchi's Aria Ultegra e-bike is the brand's solution to the call for powerful electrical assistance with the look and feel of traditional, pure high-performance road riding. The Aria Ultegra e-bike will give you a boost when you need it and a classic road ride when you don't. Painted with Bianchi's signature Celeste color, this ride is sleek and aero in design, even with the electrical lift from the brand's Inner Power Drive system. The result of this aero construction is a ride that will give you a lift while you slice through the wind on the flats, or push through steep climbs. The Aria Ultegra e-bike is constructed of a carbon frame and a proportional battery and motor that still maintains a lightweight status despite the preconceived idea of bulkiness associated with electronics. Road riders who are looking for a quality e-bike would also benefit from the Aria e-bike's Ultegra system, which delivers quality braking and shifting power for comfortable riding all day. Shimano Ultegra components are recognized in the industry for their reliability, and the Ultegra drivetrain works with its 52/36 and 11-32 cassette to increase speed and power.