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Why People Use Road Bikes

Road bikes are very efficient bikes meant to be ridden on smooth pavement. Road bikes can be used for racing, group rides, commuting or fitness riding. Their speed and performance make them great bike to be ridden long distances or at high speed.


How much does a road bike cost?


The cost of a road bike will usually depend on many factors including frame material, group set, and wheels. Road bikes can be had at almost any price point starting at a couple hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars. Whatever your budget there is a road bike out there for you.


What to consider when getting a Road bike


Frame material: Road bikes come in aluminum, carbon fiber and steel. Aluminum is stiff, light, and inexpensive but tends to have a hard ride quality. Steel is known for its great ride quality but is much heavier than aluminum. Carbon fiber is the ultimate material for bikes because it can be light, stiff, and have a great ride quality. 


Frame size: As with any bike choosing the correct frame size is crucial for being able to have a great riding experience. Road bike frames are measured in centimeters ranging anywhere from forty-seven to sixty-three centimeters to accommodate all heights. To find out how to pick the right size check out our other article on the subject.  


Wheel size: Road bikes come in two sizes 700c and 650b. Most road bikes will be 700c while 650b are only for the smallest of frame sizes.


Brakes: Road bikes will come with caliper brakes or disk brakes. Most bikes will come will caliper brakes which are easy to maintain and have been the standard for many years. Disk brakes are slowly moving their way to high end road bikes and offers better modulation and power.  

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