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What does the Tesla Cybertruck mean for transport?

The Tesla Cybertruck is like nothing before...except maybe a hummer and something out of i-Robot. This electric truck certainly something to marvel at, with a boasted range of up to 500 miles, seating for six, and a price tag just short of $70,000. And yet the Tesla Cybertruck may be a divination of the future. Other areas of the transport market are growing simultaneously. For example, the explosion in popularity of electric bicycles, an industry that was doubling in size for a number of years, continues to climb. Estimates suggest that the electric bicycle market will reach nearly $25 billion within five years, with compounded annual growth rate well over 10%. Many of such bicyles are capable of well over 20 miles in range, which is impressive given the size of such electric bicycle batteries. As Tesla, and other large players such as Nissan and Toyota continue to employ huge amounts of money in research and develoment around lithium batteries and electric car efficiency, it is only a matter of time before the impact is felt in the electric bike market. For the time being, the Tesla Cybertruck's 0-60 in approximately three seconds and its 500 mile range will have to suffice!

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