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Shipping Skis

Do you love skiing? Do you want to ski some new monsters, but are scared of shipping your skis because they might get damaged along the way? This article focuses on solving that problem for you based on our experience. Shipping skis is something we all consider before we order them. These tricks will help ensure that your ski gets to you in one piece and in great shape.

Shipping skis is a better option when compared to flying with your ski, because it saves you the stress of carrying excess or overweight luggage, and allows you to travel with less weight. It also helps you avoid the trouble of waiting in line at the airport with them, and will make your trip a lot more easy and restful.

Packing and arranging your skis

One of the most challenging phases of shipping skis is their delicate shape, which makes it difficult to find a box to pack them in. The right ski box is essential to make sure your skis reach their destination in one piece. Regardless of what you are sending, there are some rules to make sure you have the right box for the job.

  • Use a box strong enough for what you are carrying; as much as you can, try to avoid re-use of cartons, especially if they are damaged. But if you must get a re-used box, it is essential to ensure that the box is strong enough to survive being handled several times during transit. Also, make sure to reinforce it with adhesive tape, especially in the corners. The last thing you want is a broken ski after you have arrived at your destination.
  • Make sure your container has enough room (not too small). You can say that this is the case if the contents are pressing against the walls of the box.
  • Make sure your box is not too big either (try and get the perfect fit for your skis); if your skis are moving too much, there is a lot of internal space, and this might lead to it being damaged when shipped. It does not seem like a big deal, but if the package is well treated in the process of shipping, it will prevent delaminating of the tips, edges, and tail of the skis.
  • Label your items correctly. Book the shipment at least one week in advance to make sure the label holders arrive by post before the trip. The best place to find a perfect label and cardboard box to

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