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The Process of Selling a Bicycle

Despite how much you love your bicycle, there comes a time when you need to sell what might be your most treasured possession. If you ask people who have tried to sell a bike before, they will tell you it can be complicated and challenging, especially because it is a used bicycle. Thus, selling a used bike often comes with its own ups and downs. However, you can make the process easier for yourself if you make adequate preparation. To sell a bike, you need more than just a cleanup of your bike; you need to understand the process, and we are here to show you just how you can have a great selling experience.


Do Adequate Research

The first thing you need to do in order to sell your bicycle is to carry out adequate research, and what this entails is knowing the value of your bike. There are lots of resources to check out how much your bike actually costs. You can even go as far as to make comparisons with current market value, or you might decide just to use your judgement and estimate. Irrespective of the type of bike you have, carrying out research on its value is an important step to take if you hope to sell it quickly. An overpriced bike may sit for a long time before someone decides to pick it up.


Properly Prepare the Bike for Selling

Most bikes that you see behind a "bikes for sale" ad usually go through an extensive preparation phase. Unless you want to sell your used bike on an "as is" basis, it is vital you prepare your bike. You want it to look good to prospective buyers, don't you? Even though it’s essentially just packaging, preparation you need make sure the bike is clean. Give it a thorough clean up. If you’re looking to get a little more for it and sell it for better than “as is”, you may also want to swap out any worn-out parts. This could mean making certain adjustments, and changes to various parts if they in terrible condition, such as the chain, the brake cables, the brake pads, the tires, the tubes, or any more of a myriad of bike parts and accessories


Make a Proper Bike Classified Advertisement

Here comes the interesting part: where to sell your bike. If you want to sell a used bicycle, then you need to run some ads, be that locally or with a bike classified ad. BikeLord has our own bike classified ads section where you can sell your bike. In addition to this, you can post pamphlets around your neighborhood, put a “bike for sale” sign on your actual bike, or placing an online ad with one of the many bicycle classified forums. Irrespective of the option you choose, be sure to provide a clear image, and description of your bike.


Sell your bike

If you've done the previous parts correctly, including pricing your bike, preparing the bike with cleaning and potentially even new parts, and putting up local ads or posting in a bike classified, selling your bike won't be difficult. For a used bike owner, there are a myriad of channels through which you can sell your bike. In the technological age we live in, selling your bike online is now the most common option. However, sellers are wary of this option because of the frustration that comes with it, and the inadequacy of trading platforms and market places.

Despite that, there are still some credible outlets like our site, BikeLord, which offers you an easy way to sell your bike. If you are in and around Boston, New York, or anywhere else in the United States, BikeLord is a great starting place if you want to sell your bike. We make the selling process a breeze (you can list in under a minute, and we automatically populate the description and other details based on a few clicks of a button. The good news is that your bike will be sold in no time. Give us a try to reap the benefits of selling your bike!

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