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New York City Bike Lanes and Alternate Transport Options

When it comes to talking about transportation in New York City, the discussion is not complete without talking about biking. It is one of the most popular, cheap, and easy means of transportation in and around NYC. There are close to 500,000 bike trips taken every day in the city, in more than 1,000 bike lanes. New Yorkers are now embracing the advantages that biking affords them when compared to other means of public transport.

Part of the rise of bikes in NYC can be attributed to the NYC bike laws. Things are getting better, and with more road networks for bike lanes, pro cyclists, novice cyclists, and commuters, New Yorkers now have a way better environment to enjoy the fun and effective transport that biking affords.

New York City boasts more than 1000 miles of bike lanes. These lanes are broken down into three types; Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Class 1 bike lanes are separated from pedestrian and vehicular lanes. On the other hand, Class 2 lanes are identified with paint markings and signage, and they are usually between traffic and parking lanes. Lastly, the Class 3 lanes are marked by signage alone, and they are shared bike and vehicular lanes. In NYC you will mainly find Class 2 or 3 bike lanes. Of all the three classes, Class 1 lanes are seen as the safest in terms of design, and infrastructure, and they help to amplify the number of cyclists in the city.

Biking is a popular means of transportation amongst NYC commuters. In comparison with other means of transportation, it ranks highly as the more favorable choice among the entire populace. However because of the share lanes between pedestrians and cyclists, there are still instances of accidents here and there. The installation of new lanes will make biking even more easy to riders in the short and long run. Although most pedestrians still see biking as nuisances, with more infrastructure in place to see that pedestrians and bikers don't cross paths often, there will be less accidents and more bikers.

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