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How to Store a Bicycle

Bicycle storage is an important consideration when buying a bicycle. Leaving your bike in an enclosed fence is not the perfect solution for storing your bike all year round. Doing so will lead to damage to your bike components from elements such as dust, rust, wear and tear, all of which will affect the longevity of the bike, and make your bike an attractive item for theft.

For that reason, it is preferable to store inside the house (apartment, garage). From here there are many different solutions to optimizing the space for bikes. For example, a stylized wall bracket will allow you to display your bike like a piece of art. In addition to finding a place to store your bike, you should also look around for boxes and covers that protect your bike when storing a bike long-term, or when moving a bike.

Considerations on the storage of a bicycle
  • Storage Space. The ideal bike storage solution is mainly dependent on the available space that you have in your home, garage, or apartment. In general, storing racks that allow you to store the bicycle vertically take up less space.
  • Wheel Size. Make sure the width of your tires fit inside the rack.
  • Bike Weight. If you're storing a bike in your apartment or house and you want to put a storage frame on the wall, consider the importance of proper drilling. Double check the weight limits of the bike rack and your bike.
Types of bicycle storage to consider
  • Garage Storage. One option is to keep your bikes in the garage. If you're like many others who use their garage to store tools, cars or other objects, then you need a storage solution for bicycles that maximizes your space and allows you to store your other stuff too.
  • Wall Storage. If you are looking for a practical, elegant and functional bicycle storage solution, this option is for you. Use wall shelves to create a beautiful form of art in your home while keeping your bike safe from harm. As with anything, there are different price ranges of wall storage racks, and these can easily cost a few hundred dollars.
  • Independent storage racks. Many types of bike storage racks are available that house one or more bikes in a rack unit that can be moved around. Some have bases that allow them to stay free and keep the bikes on both sides, while others only have bicycle hooks on one side.
  • Lift Storage Hoisting a bike is an excellent alternative to the standard luggage rack and is ideal for high ceilings. The hoist raises the bike so you can free up space on the floor of the garage.

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