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How Does Purchasing from a Private Seller Work on BikeLord?

So many people around you have bikes they don’t want anymore, and you want a new bike! If only there was a way for you to safely, securely, and conveniently find them...

BikeLord’s peer-to-peer marketplace provides an innovative, convenient way for you to buy a bike from people around you. There’s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect bike: color, size, style, price, and more, so why should you have to resort to looking through bikes in the same place you bought your used air conditioner and nicked up coffee table last week!? But, how does buying a used bike through a private seller work on BikeLord?

All used bikes listed by private sellers on BikeLord’s website are denoted by the phrase, “Private Seller”. When you buy one of these bikes, both you and the seller are automatically sent emails confirming the transaction. This email will provide you with the seller’s contact information, so that you can coordinate a time and place to pick up your used bike. You will also be provided a checklist by BikeLord of things to look for in your new bike to confirm that its condition was not misrepresented by the seller (which should not be the case as the seller was sent the same checklist upon listing their bike). This list, however, is not meant to be all-encompassing and does not, by any means, guarantee the bike’s safety.

When you meet with the seller, if you determine that the bike is in the condition that you were expecting, you will be required to confirm that you have taken possession of the bike through the email that you received from BikeLord, which will release your payment to the seller. The bike seller will also need to confirm they have give you their used bike. This process should be completed in-person. If you determine that you would not like the bike, whether due to unresponsiveness by the seller, the condition of the bike, or any other reason, you can cancel the transaction and have your full payment returned to you. No more needing to carry around cash, run to the ATM, hope the seller accepts mobile payment, or, worst of all, haggle in a parking lot! Give BikeLord's peer-to-peer bike buying a try!

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