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Guide to Purchasing a Used Mountain Bike

A mountain bike is more than just a great way to get outside, travel long distances, and exercise, your bikes becomes like a close friend. A lot of people grow up on mountain bikes during their formative years into adulthood, and so choosing the right bike becomes a very important decision. It is thus never a surprise to see individuals spending a lot of time buying their mountain bike and asking for pro tips to help them with the purchasing process. And yet, a new mountain bike will often run you $5,000+ dollars, so riders often opt for buying a used mountain bike instead. In this case, it’s about how to optimize to ensure both a good experience and high durability, while saving some cash for other purchases (like a bike helmet or other accessories). People looking to buy used bikes from various sources in New England, especially Boston and New York, should be aware of some important tips in their decision making.

Identify Your Riding Needs Getting a used mountain bike that is perfect for you requires you to determine what you actually want out of the bike. Finding the right used mountain bike in Boston and New York City is determined by your riding style and preference, keeping in mind the surrounding trail types – will you be riding downhill or cross country? Will you go off jumps? How many gears do you optimally need, and do you want thumb-shifters? Riders typically consider important aspects of a mountain bike like wheel size, tire type, and frame material (aluminium, carbon). They also need to decide on the rear travel type they want, or whether you want a hardtail or a full suspension mountain bike.

Be Sure its not Stolen Buying or purchasing a used mountain bike also involves making sure the bike is truly owned by the individual putting it out for sale. Unfortunately, thousands of bicycles are stolen in the United States each year. Check any purchase documents or receipts, if available, and run the serial number through any of the online bike registry databases. Finally, ask good questions and remember that if a deal seems too good, it probably is too good to be true!

Conduct a Thorough Inspection Whether you are buying from a store or from an individual, you should conduct a thorough check on any used mountain bike you wish to buy. Ask about the different bike parts and ask when they were last serviced or repaired. Check the rear shock, suspension linkage, pivot bearings, handlebars, chain, wheels and look for any cracks in the mountain bike frame to be sure of what should be serviced before speeding off on your next adventure.

Get Reviews and Recommendations for the Right Store Ask questions from your friends who ride about the best bike stores (online or offline) that they trust for used mountain bikes. Their reviews and recommendations will no doubt be helpful. For individuals in New York, Boston and the rest of New England, feel free to contact us at BikeLord with any questions or concerns! We are reliable and completely dedicated to helping you.

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