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Biking to Work as a Bicycle Commuter

Riding a bike is fun, healthy and all around amazing. People buy used city bikes, such as a used Dahon bike to go to work or to roam around their hood. Going to work in your car is pretty expensive and beset with hassles. For instance, you have to fill up your tank along the commute, and then you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam. Being stuck in a traffic jam while going to or coming from work feels like a violation of your freedom. It’s something you never really face on a bike.

Thus, there is a solution to escape the long car queues. It is to bike to work. Yes! You heard it right. Biking to work is much more than just fun. You stay healthy, happy and fit. Moreover, you save a lot on fuel, and your reduce your carbon footprint. Biking to work is often even the fastest option if your workplace is nearby. Even if you cannot bike throughout the year due to seasonality and snow, you can usually bike to work in the summer season. 

For biking to work, most people opt for a road bike or a city bike. In my opinion, it is better to buy a used city bike or a used folding bike. Used city bikes are much cheaper than brand new city bikes and as a bicycle commuter, you will increase the amount you’re saving by that much more! Generally, if the bike has been kept in good condition you’re able to have the same performance and features with a used city bike as with a new bike.

Being a bicycle commuter might seem pretty hard at a glance, but consider the amazing benefits it has. Commuting to work by biking is much more eco-friendly than driving to the workplace. You’re not just save some dollars but you also saving the planet Earth. 

Here are some of the perks of biking to work using your used Dahon or another used city bike:


Bicycle commuters save a lot of money. An average American spends almost $1962 on the motor oil and gasoline. Being a bicycle commuter can prevent you from spending money on the fuel and motor oil. Moreover, do not forget the maintenance, repair, insurance and many other expenditures. 

Being a bicycle commuter does not cost you much. The average cost of maintaining a used city bike is not more than $50-$70, on a yearly basis. Moreover, you do not have to spend a penny on gasoline. Many bike sellers also provide insurance for their used bikes and the insurance cost of a used city bike or used road bike is not even close to that of a used car.


Bicycle commuters can save on buying an expensive gym membership. Since they regularly bike to work they are getting a pretty solid workout, and burning hundreds of calories a day. Furthermore, lifestyle exercise is shown to be more effective than gym memberships anyway. Thus, commuting to work using your used Dahon bike or whichever can increase the amount of exercise you get weekly.

By riding the used city bike, you can stay fit, healthy and in shape. Riding a bike naturally loses your weight and you do a workout routine without paying a hefty gym fee. Moreover, used folding bikes are a much better option as they can be folded whenever you need to take a run while coming back home. You can have a natural environment and do not have to bear the suffocated gym environment to stay fit and healthy.


According to a recent survey, bicycle commuters are more productive in the workplace than those who commute by automobile. Biking to work, using your used Dahon bike not only saves you money but also enhances your brain power. 

Research has proven that exercising regularly can decrease the risk of cognitive diseases and improves the overall brain performance. Moreover, biking to work sharpens your learning and memorizing abilities. Bicycle commuters are thus more productive in the workplace and do a better job.


Bicycle commuters are safer than automobile drivers. When you get in a car accident you’re usually traveling much faster than on your used city bike. Of course, bike fatalities do happen, but they are much less frequent than car accidents.

Further, if an automobile is damaged in an accident, there are a lot of repair costs and towing costs. A used folding bike can easily be folded and taken to the home even if it is destroyed in an accident. This is yet another benefit which a bicycle commuter gets from riding to work.


Riding a bike to work provides the utmost convenience to the average bicycle commuter. You won’t have to be stuck in long traffic jams and you won't be late for the office ever again. 

Bicycles have a light and narrow frame and they can easily be used to navigate traffic jams effectively, and bike commuter lanes are usually fast moving and bypass many slow intersections. You can easily switch your route if the usual road is busy.


Bicycle commuters have the freedom to take any route to go to work, with nothing but the open air above them. They can switch up routes for diversity and enjoy the beauty of the open sky and the colorful trees.

When driving a car, you do not have the same sense of freedom, especially while city driving or sitting in traffic – you are at the mercy of the traffic. Yet riding a bike to the office has many perks, including shortcut roads and bike lanes to help you reach your office on time.


Bicycle commuters are fresher and more energized in the morning due to their contact with the natural morning air. It is always fun to ride your used city bike or used dahon to work. You feel wind in your hair.

Moreover, you can enjoy the morning roads while commuting to work. It is fun to listen to the birds chirping or to watch the kids waving to you from inside the school bus.


I will end this by listing some of the best city bikes that you can buy for commuting to work. Some of the best city bikes are:

  • Diamond Bicycles Haanjo Alternative road bike
  • Dahon Mariner D8 folding road bike
  • Tommaso La Forma Lightweight hybrid bike
  • Nashbar Flat bar disc road bike
  • Pure City Classic Diamond frame road bike
  • Raleigh Cadent Urban fitness bike

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