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Bike Trade-Ins and Consignment

There are lots of trade-in and consignment options someone who wants to trade-in or sell a bike on consignment. Check out how bike trade-ins and consignment work below.


How bike trade-Ins work


Bike trade-ins are a great way to get a fair deal in a short space of time. To trade in your bike, take it to a bike shop who deals with used bikes. Find out the value of your bike beforehand, or have the store help you evaluate it. Then, search for a new bike with the cost of your old bike. This will ensure you get the best price.


How bike consignment works


Bike consignment entails a bike shop or online listing selling your bike on your behalf. The entire process is usually simple and straightforward. It’s important you know what your bike is worth beforehand. In most cases, the shop can help you find how much your bike is worth. The next option is to fill out the consignment paperwork and strike an agreement. As soon as your bike sells, the shop issues you your check minus their agreed commission.


The great thing about bike trade-ins and Consignment is that it’s a great way to monetize your old/used bike. So, if you have an old bike hanging somewhere in your home, then try and see if you can trade it, or consign it.


Benefits of bike trade-ins and consignment


  • A fast and reliable way to get a good return for your bike
  • No need for upfront fees or hidden costs
  • Free storage
  • You get a good value for your used/old bike


Websites that currently allow bike trade-ins


  • Back Bay- Boston
  • Cycle Loft
  • Bike Not Bombs Hub

BikeLord Used Bikes