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Bike Sharing: The Use of Shared Bikes and Scooters in the USA

In recent times the number of bike sharing avenues have increased considerably. There are now lots of dockless and dock-based cycles scattered across major cities around the US. More and more investments are pouring into these innovative transport solutions, and it is being welcomed by most of the populace. Bike sharing offers a unique way in which people can get from point A to B easily. It provides an easy and effective way for people to commute, especially for those who live in cities where traffic is terrible (think Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City).

Bike sharing has gained prominence not just in the US, but around the world at large, with many companies becoming heavily invested in it. Below are some of the leading bike share providers:


Lime came into existence in 2017, and since that time has operated as a scooter and bicycle sharing platform in the US and Europe. It costs $1 for a 30-minute ride when you are on the traditional lime bike, while electric scooters and electric bikes cost $1 to unlock, and 15 cents per minute to ride. Lime has more than 200,000 users, with 10,000 daily active users and over 20 million rides. That number is steadily increasing day by day.

JUMP Bikes

Established back in 2010, the platform offers electric bikes and traditional bikes that can be unlocked using an app. As things currently stand, the platform provides pedal assist electric bikes in eight significant locations in the US, and 15,000 non-electric bikes in about 40 cities in the US. JUMP was recently acquired by Uber, showing how essential bike sharing has become. Users can now rent JUMP electric scooters and bikes directly from Uber app.


Lyft owns the bike share platform motivate. It is arguably the bike share leader in North America. It boasts of over 2 million members, with close to 30 million trips every year. Motivate has a strong hold on nine states in the US, with that number likely to increase in the coming years. What makes Motivate a standout bike sharing platform is the various beneficial partnerships it has formed with multiple organizations and local governments.

Americans are in love with bike share, and it offers a way for them to commute from one place to another easily. It is inexpensive, cool, and above all, it is an innovative way to travel. With Bike share, Americans have lots of reasons to be optimistic about how they move from place to place in the future.

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