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Bike Repair Tips

When you take your bicycle for a ride, you should be prepared to repair some bicycle parts in case of an emergency, especially when there are no bike mechanics around. A collection of handy bike tools will be of help to you. The tools you will need depend on the bike parts or route you are in, how close you are to the path of civilization and your mechanical capabilities.

Some of the tools you will need are:

Bicycle pump

If you have a flat tire while you are traveling, you will need a way to inflate the tire after repairing or replacing your tire. Always carry a small hand pump that fits your bicycle frame.

Patch kit and an Emergency Tube

A common problem faced by bicycle riders is a flat tire. Always carry a patch kit and spare tube with you. If you happen to encounter a puncture, you can probably use a patch to repair it. For large burst and perforations, a tube replacement is the best choice.

Multi Tools

The multi-tool can handle a surprising variety of repairs that helps in repairing some damaged bike parts, and its versatility makes it of good value. Its small size makes it suitable for the backpack or backpack. A good multi-tool has the following:

  • adjustable wrench, or open or hexagonal wrenches
  • chain tool
  • flat-head screwdriver
  • a cross-head (philips) screwdriver.

Tire Levers

A tire lever is very important when you can’t find a bike mechanic; it helps you remove the tire from the back of the wheel when you are repairing a tire.

Bicycle repair tools for longer rides

On a long day’s trip, especially in areas where there are no bike mechanic chops and other facilities, it is advisable to carry a greater quantity of bicycle tools. Fortunately, most modern bicycles are designed so that you can use a relatively small number of simple tools to perform common repairs and adjustments.

Lubrication supplies

On a long ride that include many tracks or dirt roads, it is advisable to clean and lubricate some bike parts from time to time to maintain good performance. Carry a small chain lubricant container and some clean clothes to make the bike run smoothly.

Some Bike Parts to consider for Long Distance Rides

  • Most mountain and bike riders do not need spare parts. However, the traveling cyclist should consider the following:
  • Spare wheel: tires do not need to be replaced frequently. But when traveling in remote areas, transporting a spare part may be easier than finding a fitting replacement.
  • Replacement chain links: if the chain breaks while riding, you will want to have a chain link replacement. They are small and light, so get one.
  • Replacement bolts and bolts: The average cycling can shake even the tightest bolts and nuts over time. If you are new to tours, check with your local bike mechanic before your trip to find out what bolts and nuts you should carry.

Once you have decided on which tools to carry, you will need a way to carry them. Options include:

  • saddle packs
  • dumbbells
  • trunks
  • side bags
  • backpacks.

For shorter leisure trips, a small pack is enough to fit in a spare tube, a patch set, and multiple instruments. On longer trips:

  • rack trunks
  • dumbbell packs
  • framed bags
  • backpacks containing the essentials of the repair kit will be useful and leave room for water and other stuff.

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