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Bike Lane Infrastructure: Boston and Beyond

The future is green, and many of the largest cities in the United States are making moves with bicycle infrastructure. Boston in particular has taken an aggressive approach, with a five-year action plan that, among other promises, states it will build out 21 additional miles of cycle track.The cost of the construction is estimated at $30 million, but it is a small price to pay for a city that boasts nearly 700,000 inhabitants, and nearly 30,000 bike trips per day in just a few locations that were recorded in a recent study on bike commuting rates in Boston. All of this is part of Boston’s Climate Action Plan, which has made it a goal to increase bicycle commuting rates ten percent by 2020. Although it might seem like a lot, the number of bike trips more than doubled from 1.9 to 4 billion between 2001 and 2009. 10 percent may not be unrealistic for a city that has a lot of green lanes, and plans to extend their safety precautions for bikers. The trend may extend to the rest of the United States; 43 of 70 largest cities saw cycling rates rise, due to increasing investments in infrastructure development.

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