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Why You Should Ride a Bike to Work

To quote Wired Magazine, "The vehicle of the future has two wheels, handlebars," and for good reason!

How do you get to work in the morning? Are you taking the Green Line? The Commuter Rail? Maybe you’re driving 10 miles from a nearby suburb. Whether you live in or outside of the city, a daily commute may cost you some money in one form or another. This is one reason why you should invest in a bike.

Let’s say you live 10 miles from where you work and you use the MBTA to commute to work each day. A 10 mile trip might involve a ticket purchase for the Commuter Rail ($13.50 round trip), a ticket purchase for the Green Line ($5 round trip), or one of the two. These costs become part of your daily routine and can go unnoticed. Even if you don’t commute through the MBTA, and instead use your car for your 10 mile commute, similar costs can pile up. The American Automobile Association estimates the daily cost of operating a car at $0.585/mi (Schindler). This means a 10 mile commute (20 mile round trip) would cost you approximately $12.00/day.

Just like public transportation costs, the cost of driving your car to work each day could go unnoticed. Think about buying a bike as an investment. Buying a used bike for $200 would pay for itself in less than a year, and just over a year if you decide to bike to work only 3 days a week. Don’t let the daily costs of your commute go unnoticed and invest in a bike to save money in an enjoyable way.

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