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Best Biking Cities in the United States

Everyone has experienced the joy of riding a bike at least once in their life. Biking is a great activity for people of all ages and all abilities and is gaining popularity across the United States. Not only is it great for the environment and your health but it’s also great fun and a great stress reliever. Cities are walking up to this adding new bike lanes and bicycle infrastructure to make it safer and more enjoyable for people to bike in cities. Put simply, the more people that bike, the fewer people that will depend on other means of transportation. In addition, bike commuters can save a considerable amount of money and even time by riding their bikes instead of driving. If you are into bikes, then, you might love to know which places offer the best bike-ability in the US. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best cities across the US to ride a bike.

Brooklyn, NY

The first thought that comes to most people’s mind when they hear Brooklyn is the heavy traffic. However, Brooklyn is obsessed with bikes and you can find a good bike lane on almost every busy street making it a safe and useful place to ride a bike. There is a great bike-share program as well, and a variety of friendly biking laws to help riders. Our favorite place to ride is Prospect Park.

Boston, MA

Boston is a city that loves biking. On a casual stroll across the city, you will be greeted with plenty of bikes navigating Boston’s winding streets. The city is bike-friendly with lots of bike paths for commuters and recreational riders alike. We enjoy riding on the Charles Esplanade for great relaxing ride. 

Austin, TX

Austin is a great, young and vibrant city that also loves to ride bikes. Austin boasts a long bikeway that stretches across the heart of the city making getting anywhere a snap on a bicycle. It doesn’t matter what time of the year; you will always see people riding.

San Diego, CA

The great weather along with favorable bike paths make San Diego one of the best places to explore on a bike. You have the chance to select from a plethora of bike paths that connect to almost anywhere you would like to go. From beaches to parks, just name it, San Diego is one of the best places to enjoy being on two wheels.

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