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The Best Bike Lock Styles

Best bike locks

There are lots of things that are a must-have for folks who have bikes or would like to purchase one. From bike pumps to helmets to lights, there are a plethora of items that can make your bike riding experience smoother. Of all the must-have accessories, a bike lock tops the list. There is no denying that your first line of defense against theft is having one of the best bike locks holding down the fort in your absence.

There are lots of bike chain lock out there. There are different styles, and a variety of different brands, each offering its own style of protection against theft. For those who are new into biking, making a choice can be a bit difficult…even those who have been in the biking scene for a while find it difficult to make a choice! The sad truth is that lots of bikes end up being stolen annually, and as such, it is vital you make the best pick for your riding context.


The bicycle u-lock style, also known as the d-lock, is one of the most popular bike locks, and it has been in existence for quite some time now. The best way to describe the U-Lock is to visualize a giant padlock. These are versatile, in that you can get different sizes depending on your needs. When you make use of the U-Lock, you want to reduce the amount of space between the bike and the support you are placing the lock on. This is to ensure the thief doesn't have a place to insert a crowbar or any other device. While small u-locks will lock one wheel to support, a large lock will hold both wheels to a support.

Chain Lock

This is the best bet for areas with a high crime rate. These bike locks come with a special design and are reinforced to make them withstand chisels, pincers and hacksaws. A chain lock is best used with a padlock so go for a padlock that is strong. The only drawback with chain locks is that they can be a bit cumbersome. To use them, just simply pass the chain through your bike (ideally both wheels) and the support frame and padlock it.

Cable Lock

If you are looking for something stylish but yet effective, then cable locks are your best bet. They are easy to use and can be moved from one place to another without any difficulty. They are very flexible, which means you can easily attach them to different frames and objects for support. There are cable locks that come with keys, and those that come with codes/combination.

Securing your bike is entirely your responsibility, and it is something you shouldn't joke with. There are various types of locks in the market, but to be on the safe side, its worth spending more for the best bike locks.

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