BikeLord began in 2017 as a way to fill the need of an online, streamlined bicycle marketplace. Our offices are located in the top floor of Boston’s tallest building. We do have a personal chef, but we pay him well and are usually only requesting hot chocolate and quesadillas from him. The office dog, Charles, is old and slow, but is still a good boy. BikeLord currently only sells bikes, but we’re hoping to branch out into the “obscure restaurant” market - we’ve got ideas.

Founder and developer, Jake Maude, combined two of his greatest passions, biking and entrepreneurship, to create BikeLord. Jake lives in New England but hails from old England, and has a vaguely British/Connecticut accent to match. He owns many more cars than you think he does, but he’s still a down-to-earth guy who likes wings and Miller High Life. Jake is a man of many talents and ideas, and is somewhat amusing, but don’t be fooled - he gets his jokes from Nana.

Marketer, Parker Remy-Miller, joined BikeLord after completing a degree in Sport Management from UMass Amherst. He grew up on the Southcoast of Massachusetts, a Boston sports fanatic. A baseball fan at heart, Parker collects hats from teams all over the country and plans to visit every minor league ball park in the country (there’s 247!) – dragging his girlfriend along with him to each of them, of course. He has a fear of heights and squirms at the thought of even the smallest medical issue – oh, and he can juggle too.